Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Welcome to Jono aka Dog-Walloper from New Zealand

We have the pleasure of hosting Jono from New Zealand whose handle is Dog-Walloper ...

Of course , given the recent walloping our pour dogs have had over the past year,
-Meg fell asleep under the jeep and was rung over - broken pelvis and in a confined space for 6 weeks,
-Podge hit by a car , broken shoulder and confined (as confined as you can with a jack russell) for 6 weeks and
-culminating with Rodge geting the fatal wallop ...

We were wondering what this Dog-Walloper would be about - and contrary to the assumption of the term it is a rural NZ term for mustering :

There are a variety of vivid terms to describe musterers, including dog driver, hill man, dog-walloper and mutton puncher.


Jono is perhaps used to mustering on a much larger scale than Allowdale - but it is hugely interesting to exchange knwloedge and life experiences with farmers from all over the world, there is always something to share , always something to learn and always new things to try  -

True pleasure of the global farming community !

Welcome Jono - I hope you enjoy your stay.

Anne & Liam
Allowdale Herefords