Friday, 18 November 2011

Bull House and Haybarn mods

So having leveled the 'upper' ie roadside part of the haybarn and filled in with concrete ...
Now created a new problem where all the water is coming into the shed !

We are likely to have to roof between haybarn and main calving shed as well as fence off the area .

Mods to "lower" part of haybarn pretty well completed today.
Darak to power wash and clean for animals to be brought in tomorrow.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Rambo update

Rambo calf number 3 is on the way.......................more news to follow!!!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Rambo and Twister Calfs Born!!!!!!

It's been nine long months of waiting (not counting the run up to embryo implantation) for the embryo's brought from Grant Hirshe in Alberta, Canada to be born. Liam and Anne Philpott have been looking forward to their arrival with great excitement and on the 22nd October a handsome Bull calf called Allowdale Tornado by Adams Twister 416T out of Cooperobin 254R was born. Then 5 days later his full brother Allowdale Twister was also born.
After the two Twister calfs were happily running round their pens the anticipation began for the long awaited Rambo calfs and thanks be to god we didn't have to wait long a week later the first Rambo calf was born a Bull called Allowdale Rambo by GH Rambo 279R out of Performance Passion 126S and what a fabulous calf he is too.
On Monday Border Buttercup V81 started her super-ovulation programme and we are all super excited for her flushing on the 22nd November.
Today marked the birth of the second Rambo calf and at last we had a beautiful Heifer by GH Rambo 279R out of Cooperobin 254R aptly named "Miss Rambo".

We are now waiting for the last Rambo calf to be born and for Border Buttercup's flushing exciting times ahead to which i will endeavor to keep blogging about on a regular basis.........