Saturday, 24 December 2011

First bull washes

Ok it's been ages since my last blog and a lot has happened! Liam has been very patient in showing me how to wash the bulls and I had my first three done before Christmas. Allowdale Elvis and Allowdale Valiant are looking amazing (see pics), while the washing has seemed to come quite naturally to me the leading part was quite terrifying to begin with. These boys are on the heavier side of 650kg and their power and strength is unbelievable I am but a mere fly to them! Liam said I'm getting better now though, well his exact words were "least you didn't scream like a girl this time" I think there is still much more to learn!!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Haybarn modifications 1/2 done

Bottom of the haybarn is complete and the heifers are all in place.
Waiting for the final 3 locking barriers to arrive this week to finish the top of the haybarn in order to move the last 10 animals off the field in !
Rain rain and more rain this week -
time for the animals to be inside and not 'poaching' the land.
Roofing the section of the haybarn between the Bull house and the calving shed as the water is unmanageable and spoiling the straw beds as well as the feed (costly).

This week will be busy with gates, roofing and new vented sheeting on the way ....